In order to give everyone that wants to participate in the creation of the Minnesota Theater Safety Standards (MNTSS) document opportunity to do so, we have created Independent Working Groups (IWG) to help create content. Because the existing content is very actor centered, we are particularly in need of help creating content in areas that are deficient in the existing Standards Documents, such as Production Departments and Education. 

We currently have 5 IWG's, with 5 more getting ready to launch. The current groups are:

  • Child actors/students

  • Older Students (college and adult learners)

  • Resources

  • Production/Stage Crew

  • Designers

The next 5 groups will be:

  • Public Engagement - (Box Office, Front of House, Marketing, Development, Community engagement)

  • Artistic Teams-  (Directors, i.e.  artistic, music; coaches, i.e. intimacy, fight; Managers, i.e. company, stage managers, producing managers)

  • Administration- (HR, Facilities, IT, Executive Director, Managing Director, Admin staff)

  • Accommodations Access/Services- (Staff, artists, audience)

  • Education (different from the Students in plays, with focus on Interns, Coaches, Teaching Artists)

If you would like to participate in any of these working groups, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the leaders of these groups.


We would like to thank the following people for their work in the IWG's. Their commitment to helping us make this the best possible set of standards is invaluable!

Child Actors/Students IWG:

Leaders: Jenny Friend and Rhiannon Fiskradatz

Working Group: Rachel Austin, Shá Cage, Genoveva Casteñeda, Beth Desotelle, Kevin Dutcher, Jane Froiland, Jame Grace, Sam Houkom, Meghan Kreidler, Sara Trusdale

Older Students IWG:

Leaders: Shanan Custer and Stephen Yoakam

Working Group: Lisa Channer, Alison Edwards, Maija Garcia, Foster Johns, Craig Johnson, Sophie Peyton, Doug Scholz-Carlson, Sara Truesdale

Design IWG

Leaders: Kathy Kohl and Kenji Shoemaker

Working Group: Abbee Warmboe, Sarah Bahr, Trevor Bowen, Lolly Foy, Samantha Haddow, Katie Martin, Shelli Place, Mary Shabatura

Production/Stage Crew IWG:

Leaders: David Pisa and Lyndsey Harter

Working Group: Sarah Bahr, Catherine Campbell, Samantha Haddow, Kathy Kohl, Katie Martin, Sophie Peyton, Shelli Place, Roger Rosvold, Sara Truesdale, Abbee Warmboe, Max Wojtanowicz, Stephen Yoakam , Lolly Foy, Trevor Bowen, Beth Desotelle, Josh Koser, Shanan Custer

Resources IWG:

Leaders: James Grace 

Working Group: TBA

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